don’t leave

I dont want anyone to go, not before i tell you i love you first
We can’t escape death, I know the fucking truth hurts
We’re not given much time, but that makes it precious
I dont believe i can say enough for you to get the message
You see ,Im costantly stressing, still battle with my demons
I have to ponder every night on whether life has a meaning
I feel like no one will ever understand me
I wasn’t raise on what society wants me to be
Cause hell, I don’t know whats the point
I will I can blow all my problems away please somebody pass a joint
But i dont do drugs, so i must find another route
The closes I get to clourse is to vent from the mouth

Don’t know if i speak the truth, when my facts are opinions
I need some help, but i dont believe in spiritual healings
Im so lost, don’t know if i should pray upon the cross
But why would praise the place where a man’s life was lost
So misguided, the truth i wish I can find it
Cause life, this is the closes you can get to hell, without the fire that is
I hoping one day I can get the feeling
Whats it really loving the person you’re being

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Into a pit a darkness that lies within
Never before seen and without an end
The only reason I’m living in this life of sin is to experience the trials, and trust me it’ll soon begin
People wonder why don’t stay soical
The stress is killing me when its not suppose to
Depress when I see them holding hands
Theres no worse feeling than feeling less of a man
Im a puzzle that can never find the pieces to be complete
They repeat it like the same old song, just beat it
My existence is starting to come into question
Unidentified but died from all of the stressing
Overthinking, forgetting the simpliest things
Started when I was a teen and I never been the same

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